‪How To Avoid iPhone Data Roaming Charges

‪In this video Jon explains how to completely avoid data roaming fees on an iPhone. Make sure you turn Data Roaming OFF in, Settings / General / Network / Data Roaming‬.

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  1. Always connect to hotel or free networks at restaurant and bars , ask them for their password, always turn off your data roaming , take picture and back at the hotel to connect to their wifi for free and then send all pictures etc via the internet, that way there is no unexpected larger than larger bills, network providers will keep you in the dark as they want to make monies from people not knowing this information.

  2. data roaming is basically when you travel and use something other than your own internet that you're familiar with; for example, AT&T, but it costs considering it's not your own.

  3. hers how net 10 its free no rumming data charges and with trackfhone no rumming
    all in yur mins no data fees trackfhone has data cards net 10 has no data cards
    net 10 uses all towers 15 cents mins to call other cuntrys

  4. Just get a local prepaid sim card starter pack and you will have data without worrying about roaming costs. sim-auf-reisen.de It's this easy.

  5. @SRSwitchBL4D3 Note that even if you have an unlimited data plan, you will still be charged for data in other countries where your AT&T contract doesn't apply.

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