China court bans import, sale of nearly all iPhone models

A China court rules against Apple, granting Qualcomm’s injunction against iPhone imports to China. Apple says it plans to dispute the ruling.

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Author: admin

45 thoughts on “China court bans import, sale of nearly all iPhone models

  1. in china.. some market and personal businessman promising brand new Huawei series if you smash your iphone. only problem is what smartphone you choose after smash?

  2. I am not a big fan of Huawei smartphone since i am Samsung user but p30 pro is hard to resist. Wanna buy it but this issue is getting worst apparently. Would p30 pro get any security patches update after this turmoil between US and Huawei? Shame on you, trump!

  3. Huawei would win here. It doesn't even matter if they stopepd here. Us banning huawei, china banning iphones.
    Huawei has the rest of the world to sell their products ad they're welcomed.
    IPhone on the other hand, despite paying less tax than it should, still has ridiculous prices. The only thing apple has left worth selling is their software and cloud security.
    Look at the stocks even. Other companies that affect qualcomm and apple's stocks knows how this would end up, and they speak using the rise and fall of the stocks of both companies.

  4. Screw Apple they had it coming, if you want to use their chips then you pay what they want. You canโ€™t use their chips and refuse to pay. Apple gets what they deserve

  5. Since the birth of apple iPhone I never use it bec its expensive and its not user friendly. Huawei Android smarthphone is better user friendly and the price is amazing. Huawei already surpass apple next Samsung by the end of 2019 huawei will be no 1 in the market.

  6. Chinese propaganda is rampant. Remember social media is not controlled in the west like it is with china, russia, north korea, etc. Be greatful and support your country

  7. See, apple is getting screwed for going to China. They need to seek another country to work with in order to protect the market. "Made in China" may come to mean "knock off".

  8. Mainlanders just travel to Hong Kong to buy their iPhones. There's a huge apple store in my district, it's always packed with mainlanders who buy bags of iPhones to resell in China.

  9. well those that didnt see this coming are really dumb as fuck. what do you expect? you ban Chinese tech?well, is just only right they ban iPhone(american government spy shit) now apple is paying for the US government kidnapping a of Chinese

  10. besides who cares Apple sucks already they have nothing new they put another jacket around their iphones.

    Atleast Samsung and Huawei actually has new ideas everytime they bring out a new phone something apple can learn from.

  11. Compare the video and comments iPhone banned in China or Germany. You will find the free mediaโ€™s secret.
    Communist dictator China Ban iPhone for revenge, and no one even care Why capitalism democracy Germany Ban iPhone.
    Under the name of democracy, every thing you do is right. Under the name of communist just:โ€shut upโ€

  12. There is no need fir Chinese Government to do anything nowadays.
    Let Americans TALK the way to trouble e.g. 600 KFC outlets are relatively empty nowadays and do we know why?
    Don't underestimate Chinese Patriotism esp. when it see these incidents e.g. arrest of Huawei CFO as bullying by a foreign nation.

  13. These idiots are talking COCK.
    For Christ's sake, It is USA vs USA in China court. Whoever wins it is a US WIN in the world bigest consumer market not China.

    To mock China Judiciary system is like the rest of the world now saying US Judiciary is controlled by the men in black suits carrying black suitcases who also controlled the President of USA. Will anyone truly find justice in US legal system? Ask the Black Americans who are now inside US Prisons.

    So these cocks should STOP mocking other nation Judiciary System and assumed US Judiciary is International Law. It is annoying!

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