How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Bezel Ring

The replacement parts can be found online!
unfortunately, the site I bought mine from have since sold out, but dont worry! as I say in the video, the parts are the same size as the parts from an gear S3 frontier! so just search online for “bezel bearings and springs for gear S3 frontier” and you should be able to find them!

Today I’m gonna show you how to fix your bezel ring on your Samsung Galaxy watch if you bezel ring pops off like mine did. There are some very small pieces that will fall out and probably get lost if you bezel comes off. But don’t worry, I got your back!

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  1. First ever youtube review/post/whatever you want to call it. After finding 3 ball bearings and 2 springs that fell onto the rug, this was an awesome video for fixing. Just wish I watched it before the bearings popped everywhere. You sir are a legend

  2. Ordered the parts, including the bezel from I'm having issues clicking the bezel down. It only seems to click on the top half and won't lock down on the bottom half. It is also hard to turn once in place. I followed your tutorial and tried re-seating the bezel several times but still can't get it all the way down. Any suggestions would be great as I love this watch and want to use it again. Also the ball bearings they sent me were steel and not plastic, I don't know if that matters. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. I'm really not sure if mine is just not that fast or smooth when i spin it, cus when I do spin it, it feels a little heavy. Like I have to use a little force to spin it and I'm affraid there is something under the disk because when I turn it slowly I can hear it like griding. Can anyone help?
    PS: Kinda scared to take those things off

  4. Hmm, wonder if my balls are out of whack, lol. Not those balls,,, i did the water slinging movement the other day ((just like they show in the watch directions)) after shutting off water mode and the cheap sorry made band pins let my entire watch go flying into the concrete at work!!!
    Even separated the left side of the glass now and shows like a sliver of the moon lit up does. Now I can't get it wet at all I'm sure! Haven't owned it one month yet. From what I'm seeing in their customer reviews samsung isn't going to do shit about it but try and charge me a repair fee twice what the watch cost. Seems they blame everything on water damage etc even though it was their band and method i used under their warranty.

    You'd think a $300 watch would come with at least a $20 dollar band and not a $.50c band!
    Anyhow the ring didn't come off but I've noticed it now hangs up at the same spot 180deg around.
    Think it's possible one of my springs sprung??
    Thanks, good video!

  5. My experience was that the seal of gear frontier did not fit in to my galaxy watch, so I only changed the springs and balls which still fit perfectly then wiped off the old seal and assembled again. The effect of bezel experience after assembly is really almost like new. Thanks for your video.

  6. Thank you for sharing this video. Much appreciated. It literally took me a few seconds. I was able to get my favorite Samsung Galaxy Watch back to normal after breaking the bezel off incorrectly a few weeks ago. Many blessings and stay safe. ❤😊❤

  7. Hi Matt, do you know what those 4 oblong things are next to each spring/ball bearing set? I noticed recently after cleaning my back button with non-acetone nail polish remover after getting some epoxy on it one set of those plastic oblong things came out from behind the bezel. Curious what I screwed up 🙂

  8. Bro, thanks so much for this. I have the exact same watch. I had to do warranty exchanges 4 times through TMO cause they couldn't get my number activated on it so they kept sending me new ones. Every single one manufactured in 2019 the bezel gets stuck or hard to turn after two weeks of use. Turns out the springs are too weak or compressed and don't provide enough upward tension to the bearings. After seeing your video I figured replacing parts with the exact same seller you used would do the trick and it did, it spins how the ol gear s3 used to and is working perfect.

  9. Ive always liked the iPhone's but ive been getting Samsung Galaxy's since the 8 and i love them. This watch looks way better than the Apple watch. Its actually a nice size that makes it easy to use the touch screen. Samsung just makes top notch phones and watches.

  10. I had problems with ring so I bought replacement parts but ring is still not working – it looks good, works smooth and I hear click sound when turning around but in OS there is no feedback without one position. It is round so it is hard to say position but I have a scratch on a ring so when this scratch is on 10 and I move one position clockwise or counterclockwise I can see move but all other ring position is not having any feedback in OS. I don’t know how exactly this ring works and how can I fix this?

  11. Fonejoy are pretty good I am getting a replacement stainless s2 wheel from them. Parts are hard to find even for the s2 gear which I am restoring the back case is super awakard to replace especially the white variant had to go to Ali express for that

  12. Thank you so much! I had a problem getting the gasket to stay in the groove and after watching it worked perfectly.

    I had a bunch of fibers stuck underneath the bezel that was making it hard to turn sometimes. Not anymore!

    Thankfully I found all my screws and springs when I popped it off at my work place. Had to use a flashlight but only took a few minutes to locate em all. Whew!

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