how to get a free samsung s8

I well be giving some Samsung s8 to my subscribers
so be sourer to subscribe

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28 thoughts on “how to get a free samsung s8

  1. For genuine carding contact +91 8117886897 till now shipped near about 45 products from many websites so intrested can contact me and also paymet 50% after dispatch and 50% after delivery rippers plz stay away

  2. OMFG!!! XD He did this for the Iphone 7. THere was no giveaway. There was no getting a free phone. You desperate little kids need to sstop bitching, and get off your lazy asses and do some work. I'm 15, and I have an Iphone 7 Plus matte black and a pair of Beats Solo 3's from going outside, asking people if I can mow their lawns, babysit, house clean, etc. sboygamer, you are actually an amazing person. I'm not debating that. I saw you reply to someone who was hating, and you subbed to their channel and complimented them instead. We need more people with you in this world. Thank you. But this method doesn't work mate.

  3. its a fake youll just making people believe that expect to much… how can you do this to other people and why are you doing this get sa subscribers!! huh to get some likes. so please will you so stop. it..

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