IPhone 11 Gaming Test: Pubg & Fortnite

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IPhone 11 (White) Gaming Test: Pubg & Fortnite
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22 thoughts on “IPhone 11 Gaming Test: Pubg & Fortnite

  1. Bought this phone in Fido a weeks ago, and I could tell you guys for those planning to buy it.
    It's Amazing.
    I haven't had any problems at all(lag,overheating)
    I'm a fps and a moba gamer, even set at the highest frame rate,this phone takes me bout 7 hours to go down to 10percent battery percentage.
    It's absolutely insane,now I'm also planning to check out Iphone11 pro max.
    It's definitely worth the 1k your planning to spend.
    And I suggest you take the monthly pay, I bought it right away for 1k so I won't have to worry about it in the future.

  2. iPhone 11 performance is same as 11 pro that’s why you should know that iPhones never lag bro, on my 5s iPhone I’m playing on medium settings in 45 FPS and that’s prove that 11 is 100% not lagging in next 3 years !

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