iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Launched in India | What the Early Buyers Are Saying

Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max just went on sale in India. We headed to the Select Citywalk Mall in New Delhi just as the first customers were about to get their hands on the new iPhone models. Is the excitement for the new iPhones as high as it is every year? Do Apple customers simply not care about the price at all? Will some of these early customers consider switching to Android? We find out.

➥ iPhone XS, XS Max First Look: http://youtu.be/gJrBM3UrPYY
➥ iPhone XR First Look: https://youtu.be/LCOW7BTPvSI

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39 thoughts on “iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Launched in India | What the Early Buyers Are Saying

  1. Ask these idiots which chip is inside iphone idiots saala desh ka paisa inn c….. Ko de rahe hai saale inke pass hamara chips ka packet aajaye toh ye usko 5rs ke badle 50 rs main bechenge😤 c log saale saala 1.5lakh main kya milta ek phaltu phone aur slow charger and ghatiya cable i hate apple and his father is my one plus

  2. Only brainless people are buy I phone without knowing technology what they get into it. I phone is a status symbol for those who dont have brain and seriously i phones are never ever will become value for money product

  3. Lol these Apple phones are the most hyped phones ever! Apple users are so deluded,Honestly speaking.

    I respect those Apple users who accept that even android phones are worth it

  4. Apple has less than 2% of smartphone share in India and many Indian apps are not available on IOS. Also Siri doesn't recognise Indian voice, still people wasting Rs.1 lakh or more on the new I phones

    Anyways they were just 4-5 blind fanboys of Apple which were interviewed. Thankfully rest of Indians aren't like them and we are happy with Android, Windows and other phones

  5. Indians buy iPhone just for the APPLE LOGO, they don't know that the best camera phone is Google Pixel 2 XL, most productive phone is Galaxy Note 9. No one bothers that in US, Galaxy Note 9 sells for $1000, iPhone for $1100, but in India Note 9 sells for $1000 and iPhone for nearly $2000. It was a time when Apple used to be major innovator but these days it's no more the case, with Samsung, Google, MI, Huawei etc being in smartphone market. Face Id and dual camera were first made for android

  6. So unfortunate that people in our country are THIS dumb who don't even know the exact name of the device, and don't even have 1 valid reason to buy it.
    I'm not saying, don't buy it, but at least know your shit before making a purchase decision.
    But again it easily proves the fact that, majority iPhone users in India own one just for "show-off" and to appear rich.

  7. Motorola one power review plzzz I'm confusing b/w nokia and Motorola. Nokia has very good looking phn while moto one have slight edge in battery. I love a stock Android one device having great camera. So do let me know.

  8. iPhone XS and Xr
    S – Stupid
    R – rubbish
    who buys an iPhone which doesn't even have a a quick charge and headphone jack
    my Lenovo vibe k5 is still the best I can root it and put any ROM in it to have a new phone feeling
    stupid Indian people so less awareness

  9. Ghatiya iPhone .pese ki barbaadi 😂😂.Apple indians ko sahi loot rhi hain aur lene waale bhi ese hi hain .itne peso me toh mein bahot bdiya android phone aur ek bdiya gaming laptop le lun 😂😂😂😂

  10. Your video is good but I have observed that no one knows about what’s going on in the smartphone market and they just go for the apple…
    They don’t know anything about mobile phones and they are just going for money.
    It’s better to save or invest rather than showing that you are a fool rich who carries an iPhone costs more than 100000 rs

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