Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Screen Replacement

Changing the screen of Xiaomi Redmi 5 is the tutorial that i ll present it to you, today! -The full process of the dissarm and the complete process of assembly, also the tools that you might need for an good job!

The screen for Redmi 5 plus is a complete screen (touch screen digitizer + lcd screen in one piece)We use original Xiaomi replacement parts and all our repairs have 3 months warranty (except drops, blows, contact with liquids or manipulation by third parties)

Don t worry if you need any help, our support team is here 🙂 so,if you want to contact us you can do it, by the form contact on our web site or by the phone: 0034.958.179.492

Thank you and enjoy it 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Screen Replacement

  1. I think the safest way is to have the battery completely depleted (as when you are not able to use the phone anymore without recharging it) before you attempt anything. And for sure, use only plastic tools to remove various plugs from their sockets. Needless to say how important is to wear a wristband, so that the static electrical charge that builds up on your body is shortened to ground. If you don't trust me, just wait until night comes, turn off the light and touch the ground lead of your power outlets (or a metallic faucet in your bath/kitchen) – you will see little flashes and hear cracks, while your static electrical charge flows to the ground. When you see how intense this is, by the amount of light and noise generated, you'll realize how much damage you can inflict to the sensitive parts of the mobiles/tablets.

  2. Holaa, se me cayó el celular al agua aunque sigue prendiendo y cargando pero se ve la pantalla negra. Esto puede ser el display que hay que cambiarlo o puede ser otra cosa? Mil gracias, muy bien explicado el video

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